USPR Regrinds & Pellets for Sale

USPR’s regrinds and pellet blends compete directly with our competitors’ repro pellets. In fact, pellet manufacturers buy hundreds of truckloads from USPR just to turn it into repro pellet. USPR developed its own barcode shop execution system that enables a level of quality that is not possible in other grinding shops. This IT system is used to great effect by our experienced and skilled operations team to turn out what we believe is the best regrind and pellet blends in the industry. Our typical sales process begins by convincing a skeptical molder to test USPR product and ends with them converting flows from virgin or repro pellet to USPR blends. Substantial cash flow for our customers is the consistent result. Call us at 770-582-9616 or email at to get a test sample.

COPP Pellet Blend

25 MFI
7 Izod!
8 Talc
Impact modified with EVA and Engage.  Strong!
150,000 lbs./month

COPP Regrind Blend

25 MFI
7 Izod!
10 talc
Impact modified with EVA and Engage.  Strong.
150,000 lbs./month

COPP Black Regrind12176446604_5bcd61d7ba

MC predominantly black 
7-8 MFI
Highly consistent characteristics
150,000 lbs./month


COPP Mixed Color Regrind12176874166_c400f4fd94

MC predominantly gray, beige, black
20-30 MFI
10-15% talc
Highly consistent characteristics
120,000 lbs./month

HIPS Mixed Color Flake12176251255_5d6df2a6f2

Sheet grade
80,000 lbs./month

 MIPS Mixed Color Regrind12176466604_250efeca5e

Sheet grade
Washed, floated, elutriated
80,000 lbs./month

TPO/TPV/TPE MC Pellet12176483384_a7ce63e6b7

Washed, floated, elutriated
Impact modification, izod enhancement
40,000 lbs./month

Flex PVC Mixed Color RegrindFPVC

Extrusion grade
High, medium low durometers
80,000 lbs./month

PE Regrind for Compression Molding


Mixed melt
Mixed color
Ideal for compression molding
80,000 lbs./month

Many other grades in stock.  Call for availability.  770-582-9616

    • ABS
    • COPP
    • FPVC
    • GPPS
    • HDPE
    • HIPS
    • HMWPE
    • HOPP
    • LDPE
    • MIPS
    • Nylon
    • PETE
    • PETG
    • PMMA
    • PC
    • PP
    • PPE
    • RPVC
    • TPE
    • TPO
    • TPV