USPR Increases Screening Capacity

Large pelletizers rely on USPR to remove contaminants

Atlanta, Georgia – May 19, 2016 – USPR has increased its screening capacity to 1 million pounds per month. Steve Hogan, the company’s Chief Trading Officer, stated, “Screening, when combined with other USPR capabilities like high-capacity shredding, grinding, air-washing, and floatation, positions USPR as a capable single source choice for large pellet and parts manufacturers.”


Screening and floatation of this 80,000 lb. batch of TPV has removed almost all the impurities

USPR Capabilities

  • Toll processing of purges, pellets, and regrind with removal of metals, rocks, talc, dust, feathers, sand, dirt, glass, fibers, films, and wood
  • Grinding, float-sink, elutriating, screening, and blending to thoroughly reprocesses your polymer scrap into a usable state
  • High capacity and the heaviest duty machinery to handle the largest jobs in the US marketplace
  • Samples can be sent to our lab for testing so processors can quickly understand the potential solutions for their contaminated inventory.

About US Plastics Recovery

USPR offers plastics processing services to refineries, pelletizers, molders, and extruders. Services include scrap purchasing and  toll processing of polymers and secure destruction of products. Located in Atlanta, USPR serves the eastern US and Canada. USPR services many of the largest petrochemical, automotive, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, distribution, and various other polymer facilities in the USA.

Trading Officer
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