Plastic Recycling Services

We are a stable and established scrap management firm. We have extensive and diverse plastic scrap processing capabilities. We also have in-house paper and metal scrap experts to handle your entire scrap outflow.

USPR recycles plastics from Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Florida, Tennessee, and many other states, plus Canada.

We service large plastic scrap producers such as injection and blow molders, compounders, automotive parts makers, thermoformers, color houses, and national waste management firms.

USPR has powerful machinery, advanced systems, and highly qualified people to provide you the best service in the industry.

Plastic Regrind & Tolling

USPR uses advanced real-time production & inventory control systems to process recycled polymers. These systems, when combined with our high-capacity equipment and qualified operators, results in a superior regrind product.

Or you can have us toll process your material and return it to you. We have machinery to grind, float-classify, size-classify, water-wash, and dust removal. We frequently remove contaminants in materials that were "ruined" by other plastic recyclers.

Certified Destruction

We provide media and product destruction services to clients that have severe requirements. Our machinery shreds documents and products to very small sizes at very high speeds.

Audit, witnessing, and special operations available. We have the management capability to handle large, special, and sensitive jobs.