Polymer Scrap Purchasing

USPR only services corporate plastic scrap producing entities such as injection and blow molders, compounders, automotive parts makers, thermoformers, color houses, and national waste management firms.

USPR recycles plastics from Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Florida, Tennessee, and many other states, plus Canada.

Regrind, Tolling, Destruction

USPR has four major service categories: buying industrial polymer scrap, selling high quality plastic regrind, processing scrap for a fee (tolling), and destroying materials. USPR does not take drive-ups and only deals directly with major corporate entities.

Our tolling and destruction capabilities are considerable. We can shred, granulate, float, elutriate, and screen materials. USPR toll processes plastics for some of the largest and most respected molders in the US.

Gaylord Sales

USPR purchases and sells used gaylord boxes by the truckload. We have a variety of gaylord types. Our main gaylord offering is 45X45X40 5-layer. This is a very strong box. Most of these have been either used once or never used.