Polymer Scrap Purchasing

USPR purchases plastic scrap from injection and blow molders, compounders, automotive parts makers, thermoformers, color houses, and national waste management firms. Specialties include PP, HDPE, LDPE, HIPS, Nylons (PA) and flexible PVC. We remove contaminants and talc via elutriation, sink-float, and size screeners.

USPR recycles plastics from Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Florida, Tennessee, and many other states, plus Canada.

Regrind, Tolling, Destruction

USPR has 4 services: buying industrial polymer scrap, selling high quality plastic regrind, toll processing, and destruction. USPR only deals with large corporate and government entities. With capacity of 5MM lbs. per month, USPR works with well-known domestic and multi-national plastics processors.

High-volume & difficult-to-recover polymer streams are USPR's specialty due to its heavy-duty machinery that covers the gamut - 250HP shredding, hogging, open rotor grinding, air-float-sink washing, scalping & screening, magnetics, etc.

New Screening Capacity

USPR has added screening capacity of 1 million pounds per month. A variety of size classifications are available. The new machinery can be used in series with previously existing USPR float-sink and elutriation systems to produce highly purified pellets or regrinds from contaminated streams. A purified regrind is better than an an almost pure repro pellet. Try it and see.

Refineries, pellet compounders, and large processors liquidate floor sweep, off-spec, wide-spec, and contaminated pellet inventory to USPR or hire USPR to purify for a fee.