Get Top Dollar for your Plastic Scrap.

USPR more efficiently produces a better plastic regrind than our competitors, allowing us to pay higher prices for plastic scrap for recycling.

USPR's low unit processing cost and best-in-class quality of our recycled plastics is made possible by our proprietary information systems, our custom-engineered plastic recycling machine lines, our financial expertise, and our thoroughly top-graded team members.

USPR Regrind Increases Your Profits.

Increase your profit by using our recycled plastics. Our proprietary processing techniques were developed with 6-Sigma DMADV to produce superior plastic regrinds.

Or you can have us toll process your material. We can grind, float, size-classify, wash, or remove dust from your materials. We often fix mistakes made by other recyclers.

USPR’s Wide Geographic Market.

USPR recycles plastics from Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Florida, Tennessee, and many other states, plus Canada.

Our customers are large plastic scrap producers such as injection and blow molders, compounders, pharma & medical device manufacturers, automotive parts makers & assemblers, major color houses, and national waste management and engineering firms.