We recycle.

USPR wants to purchase your scrap plastic for recycling. We have been around since 2006 and we have seen and processed almost every type of polymer. We purchase plastic scrap and obsolete plastic from plastic factories, distribution centers, and corporations.

Buy plastic regrind!

US Plastics Recovery has great quality due to our process control and excellent equipment. All gaylords are strictly classified according to their characteristics. Plastic toll grinding, certified document and product destruction, and plastic toll floatation services available.

Check out USPR’s capabilities.

USPR has big and powerful machinery! We can size-reduce, clean up, or destroy just about any type or form: small parts, 1000 lb. purges, dusty regrind, contaminated shred, printed sheets, tough fabrics, and thin films. We can also clean your "ruined" regrind and pellets with our plastic separation machines.